[Devil Control PREMIUM] Jiu Jitsu White

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Material: Cotton 100%

Made in Korea

Embroidery: Each Embroidery text is up to 10 letters, and the embroidery can be written in English, Korean, or Chinese. Please write your embroidery texts in the proper text field, and indicate which language you want. Our embroidery is uniquely patterned and hand-written by our extremely skilled workers.

Back Embroidery: Upper Embroidery is styled in a half-circle, and lower Embroidery is straight-across.

Chest Embroidery: Chest Embroidery is usually attached vertically using Nylex fabric unless it is a name or over 5 characters. We embroider names and over 5 character letters with threads horizontally. If the letters must be written in a specific way, please indicate so in the "Chest Embroidery text" box.
Patches can be chosen from our "Patches" menu section.
For school patches, we need to have your school logo patch already in our system, if not there will be an one time programming fee applied. The above price is applied for logo patches sized about 4 inches(standard size) only. If it is sized larger, please contact us before you order.

Upper Arm Embroidery: Upper Arm Embroidery is written vertically by default on upper arm. If the letters should be written horizontally, please indicate so in the "Upper Arm Embroidery text" box. Patches can be chosen from our "Patches" menu section.

Pants Embroidery: Leg Embroidery is vertically written on left side of lower limb (thigh to knee area), and Name Embroidery is written in small letters right below the elastic waist band.